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Take the weight off your shoulders

If you have already outsourced your payroll, you hopefully wont need us to convince you that it’s a great idea.

You know that it saves you time, makes financial sense and relieves you of the administrative burden that payroll has now become, the fear of non-compliance and late or erroneous returns are more significant than ever.  It’s for these reasons that outsourcing your payroll now makes more sense than ever.

All of that said, we’re only too aware that not all payroll outsourcing relationships are the same.  Only too often, new clients come to us because they’re unhappy with the service previously provided by their payroll company (never speak to the same person, they don’t seem to care about my business, mistakes are being made and no one is sorting them out…).  The sad thing is, these clients have typically waited until they (pretty much) can’t take any more before making the move to Pinnacle. 

When we have a new client who’s switched to us, we make a point of asking them what the issues were and more importantly….why they didn’t move sooner?

Outsource your payroll and give yourself time to do the things you love! You’ll wish you moved to us sooner!

Contact us or email kay.kerr@pinnacle.im to find out more and get a quote for payroll services today.

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