**Weather Update**

The below is snowthe forecast from the Met Office at Ronaldsway. Clearly the forecast is not the best. Please take care and we will update if there are specific issues.

Weather: Wintry showers falling as sleet or snow even to lower levels as the day goes on
and becoming more frequent this evening and tonight.
Wind: West 25-30, decreasing 20-25 by midday, veering NW 25-30 this evening, before
increasing 35-40 gusts 45-55.
Visibility: Good, occasionally moderate or poor in snow showers. Hill fog at times.
Temperature: Min. Air 0°C and Max. Air 4°C
Rainfall (mm): 2-4
Comments: Wintry showers, with snow chiefly on high ground at first but also lower levels at
times later, drifting. Strong to gale force winds. Frost / ice. Coastal Overtopping in
Peel at high water (~11:07am & 11:29pm)


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