Supporting Bipolar Awareness Day on 30th March

30th March is Bipolar Awareness day.

This year members of the public across the globe are being encouraged to use social media to help disseminate information and get the event’s hashtags trending on social media.

World Bipolar Day is designed to raise awareness worldwide of bipolar conditions and to work to eliminate social stigma whilst providing information to educate and help people understand the condition.
Bipolar disorder affects a person’s mood, which can swing from one extreme to the other, with someone suffering from the disorder having episodes of depression or mania. People living with bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, tend to have their lives significantly disrupted as it can impact on a person’s ability to function. There are however several medications that can help to treat it.

The awareness day is an initiative organised by the International Bipolar Foundation #WorldBipolarDay #BipolarStrong