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If you’ve started your own business, the chances are you’re a little bit obsessive. That’s part of what drives you – if you weren’t, you probably wouldn’t put yourself through it.

But there are elements of that obsessive drive that can have a negative effect on your business if you don’t keep them in check.

Yes, you have to work hard, longer hours than most – and mentally, you probably rarely switch off. This may not change, your business is your baby – but you can at least decide what areas to take your focus and which to sideline.

Work hard, know your market and your competition… but don’t get so obsessed with your competition that you forget what is special about what you do.

Our business advisors see this time and time again – capable business owners who are so busy monitoring their competitors that they forget to focus on what makes them special. Obsessively looking at your competitors (even if they seem more successful than you) can lead to you taking your eye off the ball. There’s a difference between knowing what they are doing and tracking their every move.


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