Stand in the spotlight – Sales and Marketing

Champions team

…And if you can’t find a spotlight, make your own.

It sounds obvious, but it is vital to be seen. It’s surprising how often visibility is neglected by business owners. They think that simply being brilliant, by being better than the competition will ensure success, rather than investing in sales and marketing.

Wrong. No matter how brilliant you are, if you aren’t standing in the light shouting about it, nobody will ever know. But your loud, brash, ‘not as good as you’ competitor? They’ve heard of them. They never stop hearing about them. So when they need to buy from someone, who are they going to go to? You, quietly being brilliant while nobody know about you, or the less talented but more vocal competitor?

Sales and marketing are fundamental to your success in the modern world. Whether your business is online or off, there is no substitute.

You need a website. You need a social media presence. You need to attend real life events and shout your successes from the rooftops.



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