Rock Your Socks for Down Syndrome Awareness IOM

Wednesday 21st March is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day (WDSD)!!

Every year WDSD falls on 21/03, this represents the 3 copies of chromosome 21 which is what people        with Down Syndrome have.

This year we are helping to raise a little bit of awareness on the Isle of Man. Next Wednesday we will be bringing out our best, brightest and down right awful odd socks and wear them with pride! It’s a great conversation starter as its #NatConvWeek and when someone asks us why were wearing odd socks, we can say it’s to raise awareness for Down Syndrome.

Why socks? Well, no matter what it looks like it’s purpose is the same! No matter the appearance, colour or pattern it keeps your tootsies warm! Essentially more alike than different 😀

We would love for you to upload your pictures of your socks to the Down Syndrome Awareness IOM Facebook page in support. (Please no toes on show! He he) so come on guys and get Down with us next week and rock your socks!!!!!!
#DownSyndromeAwarenessIOM #RockYourSocks #Pinnacle_IOM