Realtime Collaboration: The sky’s the limit with Cloud Accounting

Whether we’re simply storing music and photos, checking our bank account or working on more advanced businesss applications, most of us will have some experience of using the ‘Cloud’.  Rather than storing data on PCs in our home or office, we send it to remote servers, from which we can access at any time.

Accountancy may not have been one of the first and most obvious areas to benefit from cloud computing, but firms like Pinnacle Book-keeping and their clients are increasingly adopting this new way of working – finding it to be extremely flexible and versatile.

The main advantage is that professional advisers like Pinnacle can access their clients’ accounts in real time and provide up-to-the-minute advice and guidance, rather than relying on outdated year-end data.  Bank statement information can be automatically integrated, which reduces processing time and makes accountancy more seamless and integrated.  And businesses, of course are able to free up space on their own hard drives.

While traditions die hard and many accountants have yet to move over to the Cloud, it’s worth discussing the options with Pinnacle as all in all, theres no doubt that the convenience of being able to access your accounts at any time from any location and the ability of your accountant to access the same data will increasingly mean that you get more precise and meaningful advice exactly when you need it.