OFT Advice Services Now Available at Ramsey Town Hall

OFT Advice Services Now Available at Ramsey Town Hall

The OFT is now able to offer a service at Ramsey Town Hall.  Whilst its office is now based at Thie Slieau Whallian, St Johns, appointments for its Consumer Advice and Debt Counselling services are now available in Ramsey as well as St Johns and Douglas.


Appointments, which should be booked in advance, can be arranged for Thie Slieau Whallian, St Johns, or Murray House, Mount Havelock, Douglas, or Ramsey Town Hall, Ramsey.  Contact details remain unchanged – Consumer Advice 686500, email iomfairtrading@gov.im and Debt Counselling 686510, email debt@gov.im 


Consumer Advice can be offered on a wide range of subjects, from knowing your rights in buying goods, to dealing with your landlord.


Our Debt Counselling Service helps consumers in dealing with a range of financial issues.  Examples include helping manage rent and utility arrears to avoid eviction or disconnection.  We have also helped individuals negotiate with their credit cards, personal loans and catalogue debts to make lower payments, enabling them to regain control of their household expenses and priorities.  Many of our clients have struggled with their finances for a number of years.  Working through our debt management programme can help find a way forward in dealing with the debts, so people can carry on with normal life.  


Through simply talking to our free and confidential service, we help a wide range of people.  We also have useful links with other organisations such as the Isle of Man Food Bank, Salvation Army, Royal British Legion, and SSAFA Armed Forces Charity.

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