National Conversation Week! 19th-25th March

National Conversation Week!  19th-25th March


Anyone who knows me as Business Development and Marketing …knows this is my week!

Hello, hi, welcome!

National Conversation Week 2018 is all about the simple, pleasurable and rewarding pastime of simply talking to each other.

We’re very much a society that’s “always on” and, unfortunately, the art of human conversation is getting drowned in a sea of emojis, swiping right (ask your single friends), chat bots and dwindling attention spans.

Whether it’s keeping in touch with friends, updating a colleague at work or trying to find the best accountant, most of us are guilty of hiding behind a screen to send a quick text, fire off an email, post a social media message or search on line rather than taking the time to actually speak with somebody.

That’s why we’re encouraging everyone in the IOM to spend the week trying a little bit harder to engage with those around them, be they a friend, family member, colleague or customer.

We’re not asking you to throw away your phone and we’re not trying to send the IOM back to the 90s (although arguably the music was better!).

We simply want everyone to talk more – Want to get involved?

Upload a picture using #NatConvWeek #Pinnacle_IOM

Your picture simply needs to be something which reminds you (and little old us) of just how good it is to talk!

  • Share your favourite time to talk, your favourite person to talk to, the best conversation you’ve ever had or the best piece of advice you’ve ever received.
  • Ring or FaceTime a family member instead of using text or whatsapp
  • Have a family meal at the table and without the TV blaring away in the background
  • Take a break from binge watching that boxset to talk about your day with your significant other
  • Speak to a colleague instead of playing email tennis (and getting nowhere)
  • Agree to some phone free time when out for drinks or dinner with friends.
  • If you’re a parent why not tell your children why conversations are important. Encourage them to talk and confide in you. Make a point of listening to everything they want to tell you during National Conversation Week, no matter how small or trivial.
  • If you’re a teacher, focus on the importance of conversation and conversation skills – and have some fun conversation-themed activities in class during the week.
  • If you’re a client focused business or organisation, be conscious of your listening skills and how valuable your advice and guidance are to your clients.

And most of all, keep Kimberley happy and give her a call! 627334 and see if she could help you with any business and accounting queries


You can never have too many conversations during National Conversation Week!