Know That Jabberwockies Are Worth More Than Apples!

marketingSales & MarketingChances are, if you are selling apples, they aren’t so delicious and unique that customers are going to pay £12 each for them. Apples are pretty common and you have to choose your pricing accordingly.

If you’ve got 10 Jabberwocky puppies, however, their value will be off the scale and you can dictate your price. After all, who else is selling Jabberwocky puppies? You only need to find 10 super rich people looking for rarities and you are set for life.

This might seem frivolous, but the point is a serious one.

Pricing your goods and services correctly is vital if your business is going to succeed – and there’s more to it that sticking your finger in the air and hoping for the best.

Our experienced business advisors see startups and small to medium sized businesses every day – and it’s surprising how often even established organisations get their pricing wrong.

It might be that you need to increase your prices – not decrease them. What’s the true value of what you offer? Or is ‘value pricing’ not applicable to your product or service?

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