Follow regulations or risk lives warning over wood-burning stoves

Follow regulations or risk lives warning over wood-burning stoves

Installing wood-burning and other multi-fuel stoves without the correct permissions and checks can endanger lives.


That is the reminder from the Planning and Building Control directorate of the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA).


For safety reasons, owners must seek advice and follow checks when installing wood-burning and multi-fuel appliances.


Regulations in place since 1993 set down minimum installation standards.


DEFA says an increasing number of people are by-passing the requirements, with potentially fatal consequences.


Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, said: ‘We are alarmed at the number of appliances coming to our attention that have not been installed correctly.


‘Appliances that are faulty put homes and occupants at risk of fire and loss of life and property.


‘We are also experiencing wood burning and multi-fuel appliances in properties that lack carbon monoxide detectors and appropriate ventilation and this, too, can have potentially lethal consequences.’


Property owners installing wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves must either:


Seek advice and make an application to the relevant building control authority – DEFA or, if resident in Douglas or Onchan, the local authority. There is a fee payable for an application.
Employ a tradesman who is approved by Government as competent to carry out installation and testing and included on the list of approved installers for solid fuel appliances in the Isle of Man.
In both cases, property owners must notify their building control authority within 30 days of work being completed.


For further advice, the public can contact the Planning and Building Control directorate on 685902/686446, email or call at Murray House, Mount Havelock, Douglas.


The directorate has a list of tradesmen registered to install solid fuel burning appliances and this and general advice can be found at

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