Bridge Which Gap?

Bridge Which Gap?

Throught the UK and the Isle of Man, it is acknowledged that the gap between paediatric and adult health care is too great a step for many young people, especially those with complex, chronic and life threatening medical conditions.

Bridge the Gap aims to improve facilities and support for these young people and to help bridge that gap.

Pinnacle Book-Keeping and Accounts and their sister firm Crowe Clark Whitehill, had chosen this fantastic charity as their charity of the year 2017 and the funds they raised will go towards their current projects such as “The Pod” at Nobles Hospital :  a space where teenagers and young adults who have lots of in-patient stays due to complex medical conditions, can meet up with their youth worker, who is also funded by Bridge the Gap.

Bridge the Gap has also equipped a music and chill out room on children’s ward and trolleys with gaming consoles for young  people on adults wards.

It has also been agreed that Bridge the Gap will equip a room in the new oncology unit at Nobles, for teenagers and young people.

Pictured Back left to right Kimberley Moughtin, Business Development Manager, Karen Irving who nominated the charity and Phaedra Bird Director.  Front: Jean Keen and Jill Crossley.

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