Credit Control

You’ve got sales to make, staff to manage, products or services to be delivered…
plenty to think about without having to chase customers for payment!
But, your very survival may depend upon positive cash-flow.

in today’s stormy economic climate, let us throw you a lifeline

Credit Control

the money’s in the bank?

If you don’t control credit you may end up with debts your can’t recover. You may also pay finance charges unnecessarily.

You may find it hard to chase unpaid invoices, because you don’t have time to prioritise or because you’re worried about upsetting a client. Let us pursue these for you, in line with your policies, keeping you up to date and your customers on track by enforcing your terms of trading and payment deadlines.

We always take direction from you so that our service is tailored to your up to date client knowledge, requirements and approach to customer care.

We provide timely and accurate aged debtor reports to update you on can’t pay / won’t pay customers, allowing you to see at a glance exactly which customers owe you money and from when. We can set up a “watch list” enabling you to focus on particular customer accounts or high value invoices that are crucial to your business

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