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Pinnacle Tie’s up with Hospice for charity 

Get your Hospice Christmas tie on for charity on Friday 9th December.  Only £2 each #TieUpForHospiceIOM #iom #accountants #business  

Accounting Software: What is cloud accounting? The Team at Pinnacle Can Help

There are relatively few technological advancements that have dramatically changed the role of the accountant. The advent of computers was one and cloud accounting is another. If used correctly, this new system empowers the user and creates an environment that allows your accountant to provide advice as and when you require it. BUT WHAT IS […]

Know That Jabberwockies Are Worth More Than Apples!

Sales & Marketing – Chances are, if you are selling apples, they aren’t so delicious and unique that customers are going to pay £12 each for them. Apples are pretty common and you have to choose your pricing accordingly. If you’ve got 10 Jabberwocky puppies, however, their value will be off the scale and you […]

Pinnacle in the Pink for Manx Breast Cancer Support Group

Pinnacle spent the day in the Pink! for Manx Breast Cancer Support Group funds and awareness. The boys embraced it! @PinnacleIOM @ManxBreastCancerSupport #Pinnacle IOM #ManxBreastCancer

Come to your senses. Come to the Isle of Man


Stand in the spotlight – Sales and Marketing

…And if you can’t find a spotlight, make your own. It sounds obvious, but it is vital to be seen. It’s surprising how often visibility is neglected by business owners. They think that simply being brilliant, by being better than the competition will ensure success, rather than investing in sales and marketing. Wrong. No matter […]

Manx Breast Cancer Support Group – Pink Power Event – for everyone!

Manx Breast Cancer Support Group – PINK POWER EVENT for everyone! A saunter across the prom and back with your friends, children or even the dog! Please contact Donna at donnawhalley@hotmail.co.uk or 492132 to let her know you would like to join in.  

Be a fortune teller! – Business Advice

Not the Mystic Meg variety, obviously. But it is possible to accurately budget and forecast your business finances, not through psychic means but through detailed planning. If you don’t develop this skill (or hire someone who can help), your business is at risk of failure. Creating sales forecasts are one of the only ways you […]

6th October Tax Deadline!

There’s less than a month before the 6th October deadline for the submission of personal income tax returns for the 2015/16 tax year. Taxpayers will be charged a £100 penalty if their personal tax return has not been received by October 6, and a further £200 if the return remains outstanding.

Successful Start-up’s – Staff and Employment

Staff & Employment – Share the Love! Happiness and hard work aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, you and your team will be more productive if you feel valued and enjoy what you do. It’s easy to forget your staff when you’re busy with the day to day, but make sure they know how valued they […]

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