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Learn Good leadership (Not Just Management)

 leadership-websiteNewsflash: leadership isn’t the same as management.

“Management is a set of processes that keep an organisation functioning. They make it work today – they make it hit this quarter’s numbers. The processes are about planning, budgeting, staffing, clarifying jobs, measuring performance, and problem-solving when results did not go to plan.
“Leadership is very different. It is about aligning people to a vision, that means buy-in and communication, motivation and inspiration.”


Leaders motivate and inspire their team – this isn’t synonymous with managing them.

Our business advisers see many, many businesses struggling with staff and employee issues. Many start off blaming their teams but often the hard truth is the fault lies with the business owners and directors – they aren’t leading effectively.

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Buster the Boxer – It’s official its Christmas!

john-lewis-adClick for Christmas!

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Isle of Man bowing to pressure to set up beneficial owner database – WHO really owns Manx companies?

WHgovt-officeO really owns Manx companies?  

A new database will reveal all!

Isle of Man bowing to pressure to set up beneficial ownership database

Know Your Financial and Legal Responsibilities – Policy, Legal and Business Management

legal-and-financial-responsibilitiesWe aren’t talking about cashflow management or finance for investment (although we have guides to help with both of those areas too). By ‘know your financial responsibilities’, we mean you actually have legal responsibilities when it comes the the financial management of your company.

These are often neglected by business owners, not because they wilfully want to neglect them but because they are unaware of them or are too busy to pay attention to them.

Your financial obligations change as well – for example, have you prepared for the pensions auto enrolment? This wouldn’t have even needed to be on your radar a couple of years ago – now it’s a legal requirement.


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