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Successful Start-up’s – Staff and Employment

Staff & Employment – Share the Love! Happiness and hard work aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, you and your team will be more productive if you feel valued and enjoy what you do. It’s easy to forget your staff when you’re busy with the day to day, but make sure they know how valued they […]

Keep the tap running – manging cash flow, profitability and overheads

Keep the tap running. Not literally, obviously. But you have to keep the cash flowing or you’ll go out of business. And managing cashflow isn’t the same as selling – many businesses who are selling well still come unstuck if the money they need to pay staff and suppliers isn’t in the bank when they need […]

Interview with an accountant!

WHAT ARE SOME COMMON STARTUP MISTAKES YOU SEE PEOPLE MAKING WITH REGARDS TO ACCOUNTING? The most common startup mistakes with accounting involves putting it to one side “until they have the time”. When they get around to writing up the records they cannot remember what the transaction referred to. Secondly, they do not open a separate business bank […]

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